Immediate loading implants (Teeth in a day)

What are immediate loading implants (teeth in a day)?

Immediate loading implants, also referred to as teeth in a day or 'same-day smile' are those used in a procedure whereby the dental implant (with a screw that replaces the root of the tooth) and a temporary prosthesis are placed in a single session. This technique facilitates healing of the bone tissue and the integration of the implants into the bone. This means that there is no waiting period for fixed teeth to be placed, thus offering aesthetic and functional advantages since the absence of a prosthesis supported on the gums reduces discomfort, allowing the person to smile and eat from the first moment.

The temporary dental prosthesis is removed three to six months after inserting the implants. The dental specialist will replace it with a permanent piece that has been made so that it integrates with the rest of the teeth. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic.

Who is a good candidate for immediate loading implants?

This type of implant is recommended if you have lost one, several or all of your teeth or if your teeth exhibit significant signs of deterioration. Certain requirements must also be met to have the procedure done. These include having an adequate quantity and quality of bone, undergoing periodontal cleaning and having adjacent teeth in a good gingival and periodontal state.

How is the procedure performed?

The implants placed may be single-unit or full-arch. In the second case, between four and six implants may be placed to support a prosthesis.

The fixed prosthesis that is initially placed is temporary, to ensure proper integration of the implant in the bone. Usually after three months, the permanent fixed prosthesis is fitted.

Advantages of immediate loading implants:

One of the main advantages of having an immediate loading implant is that you can continuously wear the fixed temporary prosthesis, instead of the removable prostheses which can be bothersome. It also allows for a progressive adaptation to the permanent prosthesis.

Immediate loading implants help restore the functionality of your teeth, especially with regard to chewing, in addition to improving phonation and aesthetics.

Some specialists even recommend immediate loading and conscious sedation to replace all teeth with fixed teeth in a single day.